We are an International Maritime Machinery Specialist that focuses on the study and supply of American, European, Korean, Japanese and Chinese made machinery systems for the Commercial Shipping, Offshore, Military and Shipbuilding Sectors.


We’ve been in business for over two decades and trusted by clients worldwide. We have grown into one of the largest Equipment distributors to the Maritime Industry in the USA while at the same time establishing our permanent footprint in the world market. Today, we are proud to have established a worldwide reputation of excellence. Vessel owners and Managers alike from across the globe know our name and hold it in the highest regard.


We employ a dedicated staff of well trained and motivated individuals who oversee, manage and facilitate its daily operations. Our experience pays off in our deep knowledge of sourcing machinery along with our long list of resources and Logistical experience, ensuring you get the highest quality machinery when and where you want it.


Our offices and Network of agents worldwide include large warehousing options for our distribution operations and staging of orders. We can consolidate and store your orders worldwide until the final destination is known.

Our Focus

Commercial Shipping

Since the beginning, Shipping has been our passion and main focus. Although we have expanded to other sectors in our Maritime Industry, Commercial Shipping will continue to be our Top priority. Over the past 2 decades we have tapped into most of the American market and touched almost all corners of this earth going after our Maritime sector with the primary goal of supporting as many Ship owners and managers of Maritime Assets in the world as we can. Over the last decade we have added heavier emphasis to other regions around the world which are massive shipping hubs; such as Greece, Norway, Germany, China, Korea, Singapore and many others. We are extremely active in visiting our clients worldwide and staying connected with local Shipping Economics, Trends and News.


We have been working closely with our Customers in the Offshore sector for over a decade. We have gathered a sizeable client list from Drill Rig and FPSO owners to OSV Operators and more. We have established tight relationships with our partners close to all of the hotbeds in the Offshore Industry, including but not limited to the U.S. Gulf, West Africa, Norway and Brazil. We have discovered not only how vast this Industry is but how much we plan to make it a part of our Core business structure. Now with new cleaner Energy initiatives going on around the world, especially with Wind Power, we are poised to grow even more in this industry as we full heartedly support these new efforts to “Go Green”. Due to the similar machinery systems used in Shipping and Offshore it is a natural and easy support to this industry. Most of the products we handle and the manufacturers we represent are already established in the Offshore Market. Therefore we are in a great position to offer the same professional knowledge, experience and support as we do for the Shipping Industry.


Over the past two decades we have tapped into this goliath of an Industry and have realized it is not only a vast sector but an important one to be involved in. All along, All Marine Spares has been doing business direct with Military Sealift Command, The U.S.C.G., Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the DOD and the DOT. We have dedicated staff and operations to this very important industry and are continually expanding our business reach into various Departments throughout our Military Branches, Prime Contractors and Sub-Contractors. Not only are we helping the U.S Government out with our supply and support, we also support our Military troops wherever they may be stationed around the world. We are a Certified Small Business and registered with SAM. We have been supplying various equipment to the U.S. Military Sealift Command and the U.S. Coast Guard on a continuous basis for decades and enjoy the close relationships established along the way.


Over the last decade All Marine has focused on working with Various Shipbuilders and Shipyards through North, Central and South America. We have primarily been focused on bringing the manufacturers whom we represent to the yards for various Newbuild contracts. We have been awarded multiple contracts for Commercial and Government projects with several Shipbuilders throughout the USA and Canada. We are very interested in digging deeper into this sector and working with our yard partners closer than ever. We are also proud to announce our representation of the world famous shipyard in China, Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry. Please contact us if you have a newbuild requirement or if you wish to drydock your vessel there. We would be happy to support and introduce to you to our valuable partners.


Our Vision is to become the largest equipment supplier and services provider to the Shipping, Offshore, Military and Ship building Sectors in the Americas, to be recognized and utilized by these same Industries worldwide and to establish ourselves as the known leader in Maritime Asset management.



To fully support and assist our clients in satisfying all of their requirements of complete system packages for their new build program or their requirements for machinery systems, equipment and spare parts for their currently employed fleet by offering the best possible and most economical solutions with countless options of commodities and brands direct from well established manufacturers from America, Europe, Korea, Japan and China while also being able to provide an array of supporting services including Diesel Engine Servicing, Logistics coordination and complete asset management on a global scale wherever the clients vessels may be trading or wherever our clients offices may be located.