All Marine Spares International is proud to represent Atlas Copco as their Authorized Dealer.

LT KE Water Cooled Piston Air Compressor

MAS Oil-injected Screw Compressor for Marine

NGM / NGM+ Nitrogen Generators

NGP+ PSA Nitrogen Generators

FD / FD+ Refrigerated Air Dryer

FX Industrial Refrigerant Air Dryers

Starting Air Receivers

Working Air Receivers

Atlas Copco is providing solutions for multiple Marine Applications, Complete air set-ups and compressors for ships and on deck

Get all you need from one supplier. Whether standard or custom, you’ll find we offer end-to-end compressed air solutions for every offshore and marine application, including compressors and set-ups in ships and on deck. This covers both custom equipment and all standard air needs in marine operations:

  • starting air compressors
  • working, control, instrument air
  • Inert Gas (Nitrogen)
  • Fuel Gas Handling (LPG / LNG)
  • Cargo Gas Handling (LPG / LNG)
  • air receivers
  • portable air
  • gas & process solutions
  • high pressure compressors
  • compressed air tools

Benefits of working with Atlas Copco Marine

  • World-leading player in air/gas compression and purification 
  • More than 130 years of experience 
  • Presence in more than 160 countries 
  • Extensive global service network with highly trained personnel 
  • No compromises on component quality
  • Complete range of solutions and services 
  • One designer, one supplier for all products

The history of Atlas Copco in the marine business

In more than three decades, Atlas Copco has built a wealth of experience in the LNG market. The company is a true LNG pioneer and remains as one of the strongest innovators in the market. When the tanker “Venator” took to the sea in 1973, it carried an LNG compressor built by Atlas Copco.

Today the Atlas Copco Marine Center develops and produces fully-certified marine solutions, which makes the marine center a trusted partner of all major shipyards and ship owners. We deliver a full scope of equipment and related services for Start Air, Control, Instrument and Working air, Bulk and Feed Air Compressors, Inert gas & Nitrogen Systems, Fuel and Cargo Gasses handling and much more. With the experience from the past, build for today and translate into innovative solutions for tomorrow!