All Marine Spares International is Proud to Represent ContiOcean Environment for their Scrubber Systems which rank the best in the world and an impressive most Systems Sold in China.

All Marine Spares is offering a Turn-Key Package which can include all or part of the listed items below:

  • ContiOcean Scrubber System only
  • 3-D Laser Scanning producing an “AS IS” environment to prepare for retrofit of Scrubber System
  • On board Survey for proposed ContiOcean Scrubber System
  • Modeling, Design & Engineering for Scrubber System
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Detailed Material Specification and Fabrication of same
  • Introduction to our close partners at the Largest Shipbuilding Yards in China and elsewhere
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • After Service

ContiOcean has successfully developed COIS / COUS / COBOS series EGCS systems to reduce emission impact from marine fuel oil combustion units to the atmospheric environment. The system fully meets the requirements of the IMO MEPC 259 (68). ContiOcean marine scrubber system successively obtained the approval certificates from CCS,DNV GL, LR, ABS, BV & NK. The system can be applied to the following floating objects: cruise vessels, Ro-Ro ships, cargo ships, ferries and platforms operating with HFO.

From production design, material calculation, process layout, equipment procurement, staff training, production and manufacturing, site management, product delivery, to make deep integration of the whole process and seamless joint with partners. To ensure that products can fully meet the commitment of ContiOcean to customers in terms of accuracy, quality and performance, ContiOcean implements JIT management mode according to customers’ special requirements on product delivery. The annual delivery of EGCS is capable of 200 sets.


ContiOcean is committed to new technology application and marine environmental protection and headquarter is in Shanghai, the company’s research and development team covers mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, automatic control engineering, marine engineering and computer-aided design and other professional fields of high-level technical personnel. Relying on its mature desulfurization technology and excellent management ability, ContiOcean has become a leading enterprise in EGCS industry. At the same time, the company cooperates with famous domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, shipping companies and shipbuilding enterprises to actively explore the fields of traditional energy substitution, conventional ship equipment and cruise ship equipment. Build the world brand of marine field — CONTIOCEAN.