Equipment Policy


In general when we are offering spares, we will advise that we are offering GENUINE EQUIPMENT or TOP QUALITY AFTERMARKET EQUIPMENT.

Our definition of Genuine equipment means it is coming from the manufacturer themselves (Directly shipped from the maker) or a licensee (designated manufacturer of the products by the maker themselves / normally the licensees are listed as authorized on maker website, or a certificate may be produced, etc…), Or an authorized distributor or dealer (In some cases / some lines, All Marine is the authorized dealer).

Our definition of Top Quality Aftermarket means it is NOT coming from the maker direct or its licensee or an authorized dealer. This could mean an Ex- licensee, a subcontractor or someone who has the blueprints of the original equipment and has been manufacturing the products themselves (NOT UNDER LICENSE).

As a general rule, we can offer both in most cases. We normally determine what our client’s policy is in the beginning and quote accordingly until further advised; GENUINE / AFTERMARKET / OR OFFER BOTH IN DIFFERENT CASES to choose. In any event we are always transparent and will mention on our quotations exactly what we are offering so there is no question.

If client has a formal policy in place about which you prefer, please advise and we will immediately follow this policy until further instructed. Even if it is specific to different commodities; Diesel / pumps / compressors, etc…

Furthermore, we find as suppliers of marine machinery from manufacturers worldwide, that there are many “terms / names” to what the equipment may be called. That is why we have narrowed it down to TWO terms (Genuine equipment or Top Quality Aftermarket). There is no guessing with All Marine.

We also find with many clients that there is a general dis-connect between engineers on the ship / superintendants on shore and purchasing departments as to what is actually required versus what is finally supplied. All 3 departments may have a different opinion or requirement for the specific equipment in question. Also comparing apples to apples may not be happening in house. If quality is unknown, it may be apples to oranges. All clients suppliers should be transparent and designate exactly what they are quoting / supplying.

One note about our Equipment Policy, if we do happen to supply aftermarket equipment, our vendors are strictly vetted out. We have our own internal Vendor vetting Form and interview process prior to accepting bids or placing any orders with new suppliers. All Suppliers and Manufacturers are monitored closely for performance.

If your Technical Department and / or Purchasing department would like to discuss this more we can be reached at anytime and are willing to discuss this topic in detail. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best parts and service, Genuine or Aftermarket at your discretion, while keeping in mind the bottom line budget.