All Marine Spares International is proud to represent Ingersoll Rand as their Authorized Dealer for their Various Product Lines. We Represent the following Product Categories:

    Air Starters

    Power Tools

    Lifting & Material Handling

    Air Starters including: Diesel Engine Starters; Vane Starters; Turbine Starters; Gas Turbine Starters; Engine Barring Motors

    All Marine Spares offers Complete Air Starters along with Starter Parts & Accessories With Class Approvals from ABS / Lloyds Register / Germanischer Lloyd / Korean Register of Shipping

    Ingersoll Rand air starters are flexible, efficient alternatives to electric sources. They create sheer power from the natural environment, and are perfect for a wide range of industrial, marine, and automotive applications.

    Ingersoll Rand offers well over 200 cataloged models of air starters with an extensive range of options. In addition, Ingersoll Rand maintains data on hundreds of special application air starters for extreme conditions. With over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing leadership, Ingersoll Rand is the expert in the technical development of air starting systems.

    Ingersoll Rand Engine Starting Systems are designed, built and tested to provide optimum performance, right from the start…and throughout the longer life that they deliver. They key to gaining the full value of your investment is to demand Ingersoll Rand Genuine Parts whenever service or maintenance is required. Ingersoll Rand genuine parts represent a real difference, and several factors underscore their real value:

    • Design – Only Ingersoll Rand parts are specifically designed to meet performance requirements of IR starters.
    • Materials – Each Ingersoll Rand part is individually tested to ensure optimum performance.
    • Support – Ingersoll Rand backs all Ingersoll Rand genuine parts with its own warranty and distributor network.
    • The Cost of Quality – Long term savings using Ingersoll Rand Genuine Parts far outweighs the short term savings on alternatives

    Air Starters

    Power Tools

    Offering quality, reliability, durability and performance to get real work done.

    For more than 100 years, professionals have relied on Ingersoll Rand for quality and performance on the toughest jobs. Our advanced engineering and manufacturing have a standard of excellence often copied, but never matched. So, don’t settle for less. Count on genuine Ingersoll Rand tools, accessories, and equipment.


    Power Tools =

    Lifting & Material Handling including: Hoists, Winches and Ergonomic handling systems built beyond tough.

    For over 50 years, Ingersoll Rand has been serving the material handling needs of industries around the globe. The many years of manufacturing experience, ISO 9001 certification, and a 24 hour service network has created a unique ability to respond to your needs with the highest quality material handling solutions, technology, and services available in the world.

    Ingersoll Rand pioneered the development of powered lifting, balancing, and handling equipment, enabling us to be the world leader in the manufacturing of ergonomic, in process, manual assist, pick and place solutions. With a solid commitment to research and development, we apply our expertise to introduce new products and technology which can also integrate the latest electronics and controls, such as the InteLIFT® system: an electronically controlled, air powered intelligent handling solution.

    By using Ingersoll Rand solutions created for your material handling needs, you can expect improved productivity mandated by a global economy. At the same time, you can expect ergonomic solutions which improve operator performance and avoid labor downtime due to health or safety issues in using automation. Visit our YouTube channel to see videos of our solutions in action

    Lifting & Material Handling