All Marine Spares International has been named as an Authorized Dealer of Kral Products. Detailed information can be found below along with important links. If you require any specific information on any of the products below, please contact us at any time !

KRAL offers high quality, quick response and short lead times on our three screw pumps, positive displacement flow meters and fluid handling solutions. Pump packages, pump skids and compact double pump stations complete our offerings and are often custom made to meet customer requirements and specifications. In addition a wide range of industry standards from marine certifications (ABS, Lloyds, DNV, BV, etc.) to Oil & Gas and Power Gen standards (API 676, API 614, ASME, etc.) can be incorporated.

Three screw pumps are commonly used in ship engine rooms, machinery lubrication, fuel oil transfer, burner and boiler feed pumps, hydraulic applications (HPU), crude oil transportation and pipelines, asphalt, bitumen and HFO transfer and chemical industry.

Our innovative, virtually maintenance free and hermetically sealed magnetically coupled pumps are used as marine fuel pumps, high inlet pressure compressor and expander lube oil pumps as well as pumps for the chemical industry especially Isocyanate and Polyol. Low velocity and nearly pulsation free flow of our pumps assures low vibration and low noise levels as well as cavitation free operation. KRAL pumps are renowned for high efficiency, reliability and long pump life. Three screw pumps also perform excellent at high pressures, high and low viscosity and high speed.

KRAL Volumeters measure the flow of liquids. Our flow meters are the first choice when it comes to measuring anything from low viscosity liquids like gasoline, acids and alkalis to high viscosity liquids such as printing inks, Polyol, HFO and asphalt.


Custom engineered solutions in partnership with our clients helps to assure a competitive edge for our customers within their area of business. We look far beyond our own product portfolio to gain a full understanding of the customer’s requirements, applications and strategic plans. With this unique approach, customer-specific solutions are created.

Professional customer service is affirmed with positive customer feedback and a certified QM system in compliance with EN ISO 9001:2000 ensures that you have chosen a great business partner. After the purchase, a reliable and fast service team is there for you with product support.

KRAL is quality, innovation and quick response anytime and anywhere.