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MPE Cathodic is operating in marine, offshore and industrial markets. Activities comprise of cathodic protection, anti fouling, boxcoolers, pipework anti corrosion, slip rings, oil coolers, heat exchangers, sacrificial anodes and an extensive range of electrical and electronic equipment for industrial use.

Products Marine & Offshore
MPE Cathodic Marine & Offshore offers a wide range of cathodic protection, anti fouling and cooling equipment for marine, offshore and industrial purposes.

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ICCP Impressed  Current Cathodic Protection

ICAF Impressed Current Anti Fouling





Our senior engineers have designed, developed and manufactured all Jotun Cathodic Protection ICCP power and control systems. The number of supplied complete units has exceeded 3000 operating in vessels, platforms and harbours worldwide. MPE Cathodic is the only Norwegian ICCP rectifier maker – ever.

MPE Cathodic is your specialist when you need original spare parts, service or support for your Jotun ICCP or anti fouling (Cuproban) systems. Equivalent anodes of our competitors are also available.

The company offers an extensive range of cathodic protection services and equipment for marine, offshore and industrial purposes. This comprises impressed current cathodic protection, impressed current anti fouling, pipework anti corrosion, high performance slip rings for ships propeller shafts and sacrificial anodes for ships, rigs, pipelines and harbours.

From early 2007 MPE Cathodic is representing Nederlandse Radiateuren Fabriek (NRF) in Norway. NRF manufactures boxcoolers, oil coolers and heat exchangers and was actually the inventor of the boxcooler back in 1959

MPE Cathodic attitude is a fast, accurate and flexible reaction to customers requirements. This includes rapid response when urgent service and support matters occur.


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