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Fresh Water Supply Unit

Simple Construction | Easy Installation | Easy Maintenance | Easy Operation

The fresh water supply unit supplies fresh , warm and cold drinking water for the crew and It consists of technical system of Sterilizer, Hydrophore tank, Calorifier, Re-hardening filter(mineralizer) and pumps.

Fresh Water Supply Unit

Hydrophore Tank

Capacity : 100 ~ 5,000L/hr

The purpose of Hydrohpore thank is to store fresh water and maintain its pressure.The Hydrophore tank is commonly made by Carbon steel, and the inside is coated with a harmless coating of paint. In addition the manhole of each tank keeps the inside clean. Non-Destructive Test is done for all welding points to secure safety. ( Hydrophore tank can be made by Stainless Steel as well).



AutoFilter (Sea water, Fresh water)

Our AutoFilter is pre-treatment filter system with automatic backwash. It consists of several Filter elements on a rotating plate with a drive shaft. Differential pressure is detected automatically and each filter element is back-washed without interruption of filtration process.Mainly it is used for pre-treatment of Seawater Cooling pipe line and BWTS in field of Marine, and also used for pre-treatment of Seawater Cooling pipe line in field of onshore plant.


Auto Chlorinator (Sterilizer) with DE-Chlorinator

Capacity : 1,000 ~ 50,000L/hr

Auto Chlorinator is one of many ways that can be used to disinfect water. It sterilizes water using chemical additives containing chlorine.


UV Sterilizer

Capacity : 1,000 ~ 30,000L/hr

The UV sterilizer is one of the most representative items of Samkun Century. It has superiority of operating system which protects mineral components, and releases the most efficient ultraviolet wavelengths (253.7nm) to remove typical viruses, colitis germs, bacteria in water.


High Pressure Washing Pump Unit

High Pressure Washing Pump unit is washing machine for Deck and Tank by using over 160bar high pressure. It consists of HP pump, Tank and Spray Gun etc. If the self closing type connector is installed where cleaning is reqired from the vessel, It can operate in the desired area through a transportable hose reel.


SamKun Century is providing solutions for multiple Marine Applications.

Get everything you need from one supplier, whether standard or custom. We offer water treatment equipment for offshore plants, ballast water treatment systems, coating plants, and pipe spools.

Benefits of working with SamKun Century

  • Supply the best quality and serve to our clients
  • Make positive changes in the environment
  • Contribute to humanity and society for future generations

The history of Samkun Century in the marine business

Samkun Century has established itself as a professional company with steady growth and a solid profit structure since its founding in 1989. For over 30 years, the company has advanced the innovation of modern technology and have supplied as well as manufactured Fresh water and portable water treatment systems to our clients. Their willingness and ability to take on new challenges have driven their corporate success while contributing to the development of offshore plants, marine, Navy, and onshore equipment package modules. Samkun Century has not only advanced modern technologies but also established a solid foothold in the marine equipment industry. Initially specializing in water treatment equipment, including various types of sterilizers, the company has continued to grow and is now a worldwide leader in the maritime industry.

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